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Posted by indigitall on Sep 23, 2020 11:52:23 AM


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From indigitall we understand that one of the main objectives of any company is to offer its clients positive experiences that support their commercial objectives and in addition, carry out actions with them that build medium-long-term relationships.

To achieve this goal, the automation of campaigns is essential. For this reason at indigitall we have developed a connector for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


This connector will integrate the web service and push app within the Salesforce Journey Builders, allowing our clients to perform segmentation directly from the CRM, where their data is. In this way, the automation and data treatment of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is combined with the robustness, speed, and analytics of indigitall.


The integration with our connector starts from two requirements:


1 - Integrate our push service for your website or app. You can read our documentation to know how to integrate in these links:


- Integrates the web push service

- Integrate the app push service


2 - Collect our device identifier (deviceId) from the integration and send it to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Save it in a table (Data Extension) within your account and associate it with your user identifier (SubscriberKey).

Once you have this, you can easily integrate our connector, in just a few minutes, and start using the "Push indigitall" module. You can take a look at our connector within App Exchange and start sending campaigns in a matter of minutes without requiring a development team.


With the connector developed by indigitall you can also further enhance your account by including WhatsApp Business API, add new worldwide communication channels and create automated trips activated by multichannel events, taking advantage of the perfect time and place to address your customers.

Thanks to the indigitall connector you can start building an omnichannel platform and open the options to communicate and offer your service through various channels available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and centralize the history of conversations with your customers. (With quick responses, absent messages ...)


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