Telegram Vs WhatsApp. Differences and advantages of both channels

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Telegram and WhatsApp. Which one should we use? If you also ask yourself the question about which free messaging application is better or which one should be used for you, depending on its characteristics, read on: at indigitall we reveal what are the strengths of each, their advantages and their differences.


The following are the main differences between Telegram and WhatsApp, the most popular messaging apps.


Number of users

WhatsApp prevails by far on this point, since it multiplies by ten the number of active users available to its competitor and totalled 2,000 million at the beginning of 2020. It also spreads faster, especially in 40 African countries. According to data released in October 2019 by Telegram, this app is used by some 200 million users.


Security level

WhatsApp is also winning in this comparison. It encrypts all your messages end to end. Telegram does the same, but only in secret chats. The rest of the messages are encrypted, although not with such high security.


Video calls

Telegram and WhatsApp follow parallel paths in sending messages, making calls and other benefits, which are repeated with little variation. The biggest difference lies in the possibility of making video calls, both individually and in groups. This option is only available on WhatsApp, and is one of its greatest advantages over Telegram.


Additional deliveries from bots

You share text messages, photos, locations and other files with your contacts daily. You can do it indistinctly by WhatsApp and Telegram, but there is a difference in this aspect: additional deliveries from bots. This is only possible from the second app.


Edit already sent messages

You write a message to a friend and, just after sending it, you realize that you have made a misspelling. What can you do? If you have resorted to WhatsApp, you will have no choice but to send a new corrected message; or, if the recipient hasn't read it yet, you can delete it. On the other hand, if your channel has been Telegram you are in luck: You can edit the message already sent and correct any mistake.


Cloud service

WhatsApp lacks the cloud service and therefore does not save messages nor can it be activated on different devices simultaneously. Telegram, on the contrary, does allow it.

These are the main differences between Telegram and WhatsApp. Knowing them will allow you to choose one or the other, although their use is not incompatible. And, whatever you choose, we can help you automate your communications through different channels. Thanks to our features, such as the push notifications plugin, it will be easier for you to build customer loyalty. Enter the indigitall website and enjoy a free version today.

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