Advantages of Push Messages in a Marketing Strategy

Posted by indigitall on Feb 17, 2020 12:04:43 PM

In this post we explain how push notifications can be part of your digital strategy.

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Push messages are much more than an effective instant communication tool. You can also take advantage of its advantages to improve the marketing strategy that you apply in your business and get a better bond with customers. Without a doubt, this will have a positive impact on your loyalty and an increase in purchases. We analyse the main benefits of using a push notification in marketing.

1. They are customizable

Without a doubt, this is one of the great advantages of push messages for a marketing strategy. The possibility of customizing them, according to the interests of each client, allows you to provide them with specific information at all times, something essential to maintain their interest and prevent them from unsubscribing as users of the app or the web.

2. Allow segmentation

Precisely because of its customization capacity, indigitall's push notifications help you segment the information sent to your customers according to their interests and even their behaviour at a specific time. So, for example, you can send messages to people who know they buy a specific product, or to those who have left a half-purchase, to try to get them back to the app to complete it.

3. Loyalty campaigns

These types of notifications are a good ally when you want to inform your customers of a discount, or other advantage, that you can get by being a regular customer. Likewise, it must be taken into account that this quality information serves to reinforce, even more, the connection between the client and the business. Also, you can use them to thank them for their fidelity, with a message as personal as a congratulation on their birthday.

4. Set the brand

How many times do we download an app with all the interest in the world and after a few days we don't remember it anymore? One of the advantages of push notifications is that they allow the user to be reminded that we are on their mobile, and that we have an offer that may be useful. You just have to send him information that he finds interesting, periodically, to get him to fix the image of your brand in his mind.


5. Increase the engagement

If you offer valuable information in a non-invasive way, you will get the user to have a positive attitude towards the brand. Therefore, you will strengthen the bond with him. In this way, we increase engagement, an indispensable factor for good business results, in the long term.

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6. Increase in traffic

It is an obvious consequence, derived from the advantages indicated so far, but it is worth remembering because of its importance: the use of push notification favours the increase of traffic on our website or application. If you send your customers information that is important to them, it is difficult for them to resist visiting you. And do not forget that an increase in traffic is an important factor to achieve a good search engine optimization.



7. Sales Growth

The push notifications we offer in indigitall are short and very direct messages, which contain personalized information for customers. Without a doubt, these characteristics are decisive factors when it comes to getting your receivers to open them without hesitation. This high opening rate contributes decisively to the increase in sales of our products.

8. Economic actions

Contrary to what it may seem to you with the naked eye, sending push messages does not imply a great economic investment. In reality, its cost is much lower than any other type of traditional ad and, on the other hand, they have a very high impact. Therefore, in addition to being an action with a relatively cheap price, we can say that it has a high ROI. That is, the return on investment is high.

9. It allows geolocation

One of the great advantages of push notifications is that they have the possibility of being geolocated. This means that you can send messages to users who are near your physical store and, therefore, encourage them to visit you. This is especially useful in a mobile marketing strategy.

10. Full service

In indigitall we are aware of the importance of using push notification in the marketing strategy of any business. For this reason, we work to offer a complete service of functionalities, for the creation of this type of messages.

The segmented and enriched notifications with animated and interactive images help to establish a more direct and efficient link with users and even to know their needs and attitudes. If, in addition, they are geolocated, they can improve your experience and increase the possibilities of purchase.

This service is complemented by the generation of periodic reports on the push campaigns carried out, which allow you to assess in detail the results achieved.

Do you want to know in more detail the advantages that push messages offer for your business? Visit the profile of indigitall on LinkedIn or try our free service, to discover the potential of these messages.


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