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Posted by indigitall on Nov 3, 2020 2:36:35 PM


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Push notifications stand out for notifying us when we have a news in an application, or when a last minute news arrives while we surf the internet, even an alarm from our bank so that we are not delayed in a payment, these push notifications can reach both through the web as well as through mobile devices.

When using a smartphone or a mobile device, they are those notifications that we can see when we slide our finger down, which makes us know more quickly if they are talking to us through instant messaging applications or if an offer that we were waiting for has come out. On the other hand, when this push notification reaches us through the web, it will do so while we are browsing the internet, that is, it will not be necessary to be within the advertiser's website.

From indigitall we have updated the features and functionalities of push notifications to adapt to the new needs of customers.

The use of high resolution images and the relationship of this image with the owner of the notification is one of the fundamental elements for the success of the campaigns. The news, products or breaking news that the user receives with an image, make the subscriber or reader get a more concise idea of the content, thus increasing the desire to open and read what is being communicated.

Through push notifications you get customer attention instantly, wherever you are, and at any time. For example, when you get one notification, you can display them and check what they have written to you without having to enter the app. This can be extrapolated to other applications with images or videos. Thanks to this function, you will get more information about the news that has entered the device.

However, the advances in indigitall do not stop there, but go further, to the point of the application of artificial intelligence in campaigns, to test and verify through data and statistics which are the best images that can be used according to what communication or even automatically checking which of the headlines generates better CTR (Click Through Rate) rates. For more information we tell you all the details of indigitall's artificial intelligence multitesting, applying this tool you can increase your sales and save resources


Interactivity, a key aspect

From these notifications with images and the artificial intelligence application, we go on to interactive notifications, the key to knowing what exactly your user wants is by talking to them. Through these interactive notifications you can ask him/her in the notification itself and give him/her several options for possible answers. This functionality is highly demanded since the user responds very positively and the feedback that is generated is of great value for any brand or company, especially in finance and insurance companies, retailers, telephone operators, media, hotels and restaurants.


Thus, thanks to indigitall you can intelligently automate your communications through different channels, such as App Push in mobile applications or Web Push on your website.

Discover all the functionalities that indigitall offers you, from personalized campaigns to segmentations by postal code or the use of videos etc... and discover our new price plan that includes the shipment of up to 30,000 devices totally free.

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