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Posted by indigitall on Nov 4, 2020 1:40:24 PM


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indigitall, a SaaS marketing company, has created a plugin that will help you configure welcome campaigns automatically, besides installing push notification campaigns for your website or blog in a few minutes. The plugin is completely free, and meets the need of many businesses and blog owners to communicate directly with their end users or readers by eliminating intermediaries.

When installing the wordpress plugin, your push notifications will appear immediately at publishing news, they will do so through the user's browser, from Safari and Chrome to Edge, Opera or Firebox, facilitating your readers to receive your news without having to be on your website or blog. Unlike email, the concern of whether or not the recipient opens the email or whether the email falls into spam disappears, with push notifications you will ensure that your communications reach your users, since the user must accept the receipt of push notifications to send the campaigns.


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But from indigitall we want your communications to go further, for this reason the plugin has an infinity of functionalities that will not only allow your users to receive your communications, but also that each of the campaigns you do through push notifications a success.

So by installing this plugin you will be able to segment your communications, customize them, include images or even generate a multitest based on artificial intelligence that will help you to know which image, headline, button or segmentation is the most appropriate for your campaigns. Putting this solution into practice will allow you to know which type of communication works best and therefore to know the tastes and preferences of your users.

So you can take your decisions based on data and metrics, you can use the indigitall plugin to access a dashboard with intuitive and simple handling that will allow you to see all kinds of metrics of the results of your campaigns, optimizing your communications right from the start.

If you are still wondering what a push notification is and what they are for, do a totally free trial with us and you will see that the effectiveness of your campaigns is multiplied by 10, since the click rates in the notifications are much higher compared to any other tool including email marketing.


With our plugin you will captivate your followers while differentiating from your direct competition. Do not miss the opportunity to try it and grow your business.

The plugin is rated 4.7 out of 5. We will be happy to give you customized advice and even give us your feedback!



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