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Push notifications are used as a very useful tool to improve the conversion rate of your online store. There are already many e-commerces that are taking advantage of all the functionalities of push notifications to give that great push to their digital marketing strategy. That is why from indigitall we want to explain how you can apply this solution to your business.


Push notifications: the tool that will help you increase the sales of your e-commerce

The use of automated push notifications has significant benefits for online stores. However, it is not only important to use them, but to know how to do it. Get your users to reach the end of your sales funnel.


Content of interest at the right time

It's about seizing the opportunity at the best time. That is, to be in the right place at the right time. That is just what you can achieve thanks to the mobile push technique. This can be perfect for driving traffic to the content of the store blog, but also for promoting cross-selling or knowing the level of customer satisfaction.

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Offers for a limited time or on designated dates

Exclusivity has always been a good selling point. Push communications are very useful to spread information very quickly, such as offers, discounts or even to offer your customers personalized promotions for their birthday or related to their consumption in your store.



This notification functionality is especially interesting for online stores that also have physical stores. And for the user it is very practical, since it can encourage them to go to the nearest store to see that product that interests them up close and try it ... Or even use the click & collect option.


Recover abandoned carts

Have you verified that some of your users have left the store with items in their cart, but without completing the purchase? If so, notifications can help guide you to the goal. In this way you will be able to remind the customer of their passage through your app and offer them a discount or a reduction in shipping costs, for example, for that product or similar ones for a limited time.



Retargeting ads are very expensive. You will know if you have ever bought SEM advertising. However, with push notifications you can do it at no additional cost. You simply have to configure it correctly in your service, and users who used your app but did not include anything in the cart will receive notifications with news regarding the products that interest them the most.

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You may have noticed that push notifications are very powerful when it comes to getting sales in e-commerce. When you use them, of course, remember to appeal to the needs of the clients, their emotions, and try to personalize the messages as much as possible.

What are you waiting to try this service? At indigitall we offer you a free trial version so that you can personally check all the benefits of push notifications. Sign up, take advantage of it, and don't forget to follow us on social media!

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