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Posted by indigitall on Mar 1, 2021 5:21:37 PM

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If you have come this far, surely you already know the advantages of push notifications and its multiple functionalities when it comes to improving engagement and conversions. However, it is important that you use them wisely to get the most out of them in your online communication campaigns. That is why below we are going to tell you how to turn enriched push messages into the best ally of your digital marketing strategy.


The golden rules of good use of push notifications

Do you have a large database of users, but you don't know how to reach them? Pay attention to the following tips. They will help you guide your push shipments correctly so that you do not send them randomly. Keep in mind that, if you do not do it well, you are going to achieve the opposite effect to the desired one.




The objectives will largely determine the shipping strategy to follow. For this reason it is necessary that these be precise and concrete. It is not worth thinking about too general objectives, such as having more clients or increasing sales. We have to go further to be able to measure results more objectively and specifically. For example, a more specific objective would be to publicize the launch of a new product, or direct users to a certain page on our website.




In digital marketing it is essential that you segment your audience correctly; It is not enough just that you do it based on their sociodemographic data. We recommend that you research your audience and their habits, so that you can send messages that are really relevant.


It is also very important that you segment based on user behavior, that is, taking into account their browsing on your app or website. At indigitall we can help you make this task more agile and simple.




Generic and constantly sent bulk messages are not a good strategy to optimize results. On the contrary, if you have segmented your users well, you can send them personalized messages that help you get closer to your goals more effectively, as well as create retargeting campaigns that increase conversions. The key is to create unique content for each group of users.


Remember not to abuse the sending, not be invasive and send only messages that may be really important to the recipient. Clients do not want us to bother them with texts that are not of interest to them.




Choose the right words, using the ideal communication tone for your target audience. Good copy can completely change the outcome of a campaign! Thanks to copywriting you can create expectations that encourage the user to want to know more and to actively seek interaction with you. To achieve this, you can also accompany your publications with images, emojis, interactive features and links.




If you know how to correctly configure when to send your notifications, you will be able to benefit from an audience that is more open to reading the messages received. To get the best delivery time right, of course, it is crucial that you know the habits of your users. Don't make the mistake of sending messages at times when they might be annoying, like an early Sunday, or would go unnoticed, like a Monday morning at 9:00 AM.

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On the other hand, for certain businesses it is really interesting to take into account the user's location when sending a message; for example for applications in the tourism sector or for businesses with physical stores, among others. That is why indigitall includes, among its functionalities, geolocation solutions to carry out push shipments, improving the customer experience.



As much as you know your audience and your database is perfectly refined and segmented, there is data that can only be obtained by testing. That is why we encourage you to do tests to discover which formula works best in your specific case. Try different shipping times or changes in communication style and compare the results. These essays will sometimes reveal strategies that we had not noticed.




The operating system of the smartphone that the user uses will determine the way in which the push notifications will be displayed. This means that the messages you send must also be adapted to smart phones to offer an optimal experience to each recipient, regardless of which device they consume your content from.


For example, we know that the maximum number of readable characters in a push notification on Android is 90, and on iOS 120. You must be well informed of all these particularities so that you can create content accordingly and segment it correctly.


Do you want to take advantage of all the advantages that push notifications can offer you? Discover the solutions that indigitall offers you. Sign up, try our free version, and don't forget to follow us on social media!

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