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The key to increasing communications conversions lies first in SEGMENTING and PERSONALIZING your campaigns. It is very important to communicate to each user a relevant and valuable message at the selected place and time. Everything influences when it comes to achieving a higher conversion, but choosing the right moment and selecting the service that best suits the needs of your customers is a key factor.


We are going to give a couple of examples, if you have a restaurant with a part of your menu geared towards celiac or intolerant people when you include a new product suitable for this public you´ll be able to specialize your communication, also if you have a means of communication you can divide your news by those interested in current news, finance news or more territorial news, and segment communications

If you are looking for the most suitable type of communication for your audience, you can always try our advanced AB test. We have added artificial intelligence to the classic test, adding precision and profitability to your campaigns, if you want more information see our specialized article.




In our YouTube channel we give you more details and ideas on how to increase the conversion of your communications

Based on our experience, the text, the emoji and the image influences the openness of communications. It is important to generate desire and intrigue in the messages to have a high openness and conversion ratio. Analysing the messages to know which ones have the greatest impact or choosing original and updated images will give your brand and your communications greater relevance

Within our platform, remember that you can create interest groups to segment your communications. To these interest groups, once created, devices can be added or removed depending on the interests of the users.

There are two ways to include devices in these groups: first option, asking customers in a welcome landing (for example) to select the interests about which they want to receive communications, or as a second option automatically based on navigation of users on the web and/or app, since it can be included automatically (for example after 5 seconds remaining in a certain subdomain) adding that device to a specific interest group. Those devices can be anonymous if they have never been identified, and we will be generating leads in a segmented way that have shown interest in certain products, services or news.


In our YouTube channel we give you more details and ideas on how to increase the conversion of your communications.


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