How to avoid cart abandonment thanks to push notifications

Posted by indigitall on Nov 25, 2020 12:25:53 PM

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Being able to increase sales is a constant headache for any ecommerce. And even more so when you discover that three out of four carts are abandoned by your potential customers. But what if we told you that there is an easy, cheap and effective way to recover them?


Can an abandoned cart be recovered?

The large number of abandoned carts represents a tremendous problem for e-commerce establishments. It is quite common for users to add products and more products to the shopping cart; But when push comes to shove, back off.

Push notifications are able to solve this problem, offering a new opportunity to the customer at the right time so that the purchase process ends successfully.

At indigitall we are perfect connoisseurs of this phenomenon. And for that reason, we will explain to you how you can recover or get potential clients thanks to these notifications.


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Push notifications, a key tool to recover customers

A push notification is nothing more than a pop-up message received by users who have given their permission to a website, or have an application installed on their mobile devices.

This message will appear on their desktops or on the screen of their smartphones from the moment they take an action. Like, for example, abandoning your cart.

Thanks to this notification, you can send them a 100% personalized reminder. But not only about abandoned carts, but also to offer them promotions and offers and therefore get potential customers for the cause.

It is likely that you are using email to recover the lost carts of your customers. But email reminders have one major downside: nothing guarantees these users will open them. Instead, a push notification pops up at just the right time to remind them that they can return immediately and place that backorder. Perhaps by jointly offering them a discount valid for the next 24 hours. This will make it very difficult for them to resist.


Another of its strengths is that you can program both web push notifications and app push notifications, whether you operate through applications or use a common site. But these are just some of the services that we offer you at indigitall, which we invite you to consult and which stand out, above all, for the following advantages:


1- They use animated images to stimulate the recipient of push notifications. Because sometimes an image is worth a thousand words to increase sales.


2- Segmented, geolocated and interactive notifications. You will be able to improve your communications and get potential clients more effectively thanks to the segmentation of profiles that this tool allows you. In addition, you will improve the experience of your users by asking them interactively and taking advantage of all the advantages of geolocation.


3- Executive Dashboard and advanced analytics, so that you can measure the conversion of your customers and assess the success of your campaigns with great precision.


4- Artificial intelligence to automate the use of the most useful and profitable version for you.

Now that you know that push notifications are essential to increase sales, what are you waiting for to take advantage of them? Use our free trial and discover now what you can win.

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