In January, 75% of the annual returns are managed

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How can we control the economic impact on our income statement?Although the Christmas period is one of the most profitable in terms of sales for businesses, in January comes the other side of the coin, and that is that during this month most of the returns are managed, approximately 75% of purchases made during the summer period are returned with the arrival of the new year.


Within e-commerce, this translates into 1 in 3 products being returned. To minimize this impact, having an adequate infrastructure in terms of logistics and customer service will be crucial, especially when it comes to controlling expenses.

But where should we start? Simplifying the process will be the key to good management, so we must not forget to place the customer at the center. Providing customers with up-to-date and immediate information on the returns process, providing them with the closest service center, giving them information on shipments and tracking, or informing them about the conditions of the rates will be essential for the final satisfaction of the customer. Without a doubt, WhatsApp Business API can offer this information to your clients immediately, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.


Regarding customer satisfaction, the WhatsApp Business API channel offers advantages that very few channels can offer:


-Facilitate two-way communication: Through WhatsApp Business API, companies and clients will be able to interact, answering questions and providing updated information on the services and products available.


-A free service: The use of this service is completely free for end customers, it will not entail any cost.


-Interactive messages: Not only can you send messages, you can also send videos to explain better a service or files that the user can download. As an example, labels for returns.


-A secure communication channel: WhatsApp verifies the authenticity of business accounts very exhaustively. Add to that end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA). In conclusion, it is very difficult for fraud or misleading advertising to occur, apart from the fact that no one will be able to use the name of your company to talk to your customers.


-Integrated with your Call Center: If your client still has doubts or simply prefers to speak with an assistant, whatsApp Business API offers the possibility of integrating it within your call center as well.


Through the WhatsApp Business API service, you will optimize your communication system. For any questions, contact us and follow us on social networks to learn more cases of interest about the implementation of solutions like this one.



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