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Posted by indigitall on Sep 15, 2020 2:17:04 PM


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Our SaaS marketing company, Indigitall, has created a new Wordpress plugin. With this application we can automatically configure the welcome campaigns to our virtual site. In addition, it helps you install push notifications on the web or on the blog, and allows you to try different messages. This complement will serve to satisfy the interest of many companies in retaining and loyalty to a greater number of users.

We seek to revolutionize the world of web push notification or push notifications with the development of a new plugin for Wordpress that, we hope, will soon become indispensable. And this solution makes it easier for companies to send interactive, segmented and personalized push notifications to their clients.


It is true that there are still organizations that keep asking themselves what push notifications are, but the truth is that everyone who has a mobile device receives them daily. These are alerts that the user receives from an app without having to be using it (the best example is in WhatsApp notifications). And they turn out to be an efficient and simple business marketing tool that has gained presence in recent times with the massive use of the smartphone.

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Well, you can already retain or convert new customers with this pioneering tool that supports Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Chrome. It also accepts Safari (Mac OS X), Opera, and Samsung Browser (for Android). This service, based on the location of the audience, not only contemplates the activation of push notifications when you propose new offers or make updates; it also converts and retains the consumers of your products, who notice how you are interested and keep in touch with them.


You can witness the process yourself! It will seem incredible to you, but with this plugin it is possible to analyse the results in real time. In this way, you will be able to see live how those alerts are sent and how they become users. You can even create reminders for that part of the audience that has not visited the page in recent times.


The new tool, ideal for imarketers, SMEs and entrepreneurs in the digital world, allows you to schedule notices to deliver on the date you want. Also, you have the possibility to test a group of your users with different types of messages. This short test will help you implement the most successful formula with the rest of the audience.


By putting this alternative into practice you will be able to get to know your target in depth and, with it, carry out much more powerful and effective marketing campaigns. In fact, push notification click rates increasingly resemble those of famous email marketing, one of the most popular marketing strategies.


But this Wordpress plugin doesn't just perfect bulk messages. It also sends specific notices to customers who speak a specific language, or to those who visit the web at a certain time. That is, assist the micro targets of your services or products.Download wordpress plugin

Automatically configure the welcome campaigns to your website and install push call sending with a single click every time you publish a post with this plugin. You should also know that at Indigitall we create push alerts with geolocated, animated, personalized and interactive images. With its creative and impressive designs you will captivate your followers while differentiating yourself from your direct competition.


This is one of the qualities highlighted by those who have already used this plugin for Wordpress, which is currently rated 4.7 out of 5.

They also emphasize its intuitive handling and its freeness. You cannot stop trying it!












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