Is your business ready for the post Covid era?

Posted by indigitall on Nov 3, 2020 2:09:48 PM


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The pandemic has hit hard not only our daily routines, but it has also forced us to change our consumption habits. We have seen how all kinds of companies rushed to offer a digital alternative or carried out a complete migration to online modalities, in cases where it was possible of course.

If before the pandemic, the immediacy in the responses when buying a product or in customer service was necessary, by now it has become almost an obligation.

But now, it is possible to SAVE TIME, REDUCE COSTS AND PROVIDE A HIGHER QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE thanks to the WhatsApp Business API service.


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Why WhatsApp Business API?

Regarding its frequency of use, up to 96% of WhatsApp users say they use it daily. That, not counting the impressive growth that the pandemic brought to the application. During the hardest months of confinement, the time that users spent on WhatsApp increased by more than 50%. Taking into account all these data, it is clear that using instant messaging to keep contact with customers is a success for companies. And that's where WhatsApp Business API comes into play, especially useful for companies with e-commerce platforms or that offer any type of service that is massively consumed.

By using the WhatsApp Business API, companies can establish communication with most of their customers. And thanks to it they will enjoy the following advantages:

The benefits of the WhatsApp Business API service

  • Integration of the Bot and the call centre platform
  • Possibility of connecting with the CRM and ERP
  • Possibility of sending images, videos or files
  • Tool to send messages in a bidirectional way
  • Safe chat messages in accordance with current legislation
  • Reading confirmation


Among other possible uses is the capture of leads, the possibility of offering a customized experience, the confirmation of transactions or quality customer service. This last point is increasingly important, since the priority for all companies is to sell their product, but it is even more important that that customer wants to return and this is where WhatsApp Business API and indigitall can offer highly effective solutions.

How? Customers waste a lot of time and resources answering the same questions over and over again through different channels. Imagine that you could centralize the response of all your customer service channels, generating a coherent and effective response in all of them according to the communication strategy of your brand, in addition to being able to differentiate through which channel the query is being made, who is taking care of them, to be able to measure the response time… and countless other things.

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You can also manage thousands of conversations in minutes, or view multiple conversations on a single screen. At indigitall we are experts in carrying out this integration, in just 7 days you can be offering a service that will allow you to optimize your resources from the first minute, you just have to choose what type of solution you want and with which channels you want to carry out said integration.

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