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Posted by indigitall on Jan 13, 2021 12:23:29 PM

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The importance of words when communicating is nothing new. The choice of the word is the key to adequately express what we think, what we feel or what we want to express towards another person. This importance is also transferred when communicating with our clients. But how do you know which word works better than another? From indigitall we have found a solution.

From this moment we have available on our platform the use of the "Best word" functionality with which we will inform you weekly which are the best words in your campaigns, this is the one that manages to obtain a better CTR percentage.


There are a number of words that marketers know as “magic words” that work better than others, and that generate the greatest impact as long as they are used in the right context. They are not special words or different from common words, they are simply more effective words in communication.


Knowing what these words are and including them in your push notification communications will make your campaigns have a greater impact on your users. It is especially important to use the correct word, when making a campaign, the title can include a maximum of 60 characters between words and emoticons. So the objective of each campaign is to provoke an action in the reader using those 60 characters. The title and the CTA you use will make a difference in the results of your campaigns.


With the "best word" functionality from indigitall we want to help you in the task of convincing your subscribers. Also, if you want a greater impact on your users, follow these strategies to create the text of your communications:

Use the word for free: No matter how much it is used, it continues to generate a lot of expectation and is a widely used claim in countless campaigns.

Generating a sense of urgency: Is also an option that usually gives very good results. Since having a deadline for a promotion for example pushes us to hurry up to purchase a product.

Personalize the campaigns: Talk about you to customers, transmit closeness and give importance to the user with whom we are communicating.

Use percentage symbols: Using percentages is a very visual way of communicating a story in a more direct and visual way.

Generate a feeling of exclusivity: Making the user feel that he is special and important always brings positive results. For example, if you grant Vip users of a store to access products with discounts and promotions 24 hours before the rest of the customers.


But do not forget that these strategies without the proper context will not have the same result, so it varies from one sector to another. To help you orient your campaigns, we have also included a graphic under the trending heading where we will add the words that are obtaining a better CTR percentage. And, in those cases where possible, we will replace the more general cloud with a personalized one when the sector to which your company is most similar.

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