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Posted by Virginia Peón on Nov 11, 2020 3:50:13 PM





Mobile devices are an increasingly important part of our lives. While this has made it easier for brands to interact with their customers everywhere and anywhere, it has also increased competition for customer attention, making it more difficult to penetrate and communicate effectively. Companies face new challenges to stand out and keep their audience engaged and loyal without being intrusive.

To solve this, indigitall has decided to put in the hands of its clients a tool with which to simplify the creation of campaigns by scheduling notifications without having to guess at the optimal moment for user participation.

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indigitall's 'Best Moment' delivery, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, automatically optimizes the delivery time of your notifications based on the history of each user. This new functionality can significantly increase open rates.

There are several reasons that make 'Best Moment' shipping such an effective tool for improving campaigns. Here are the three fundamental reasons:


1. Make it easy to create notifications. You no longer must worry about what time the campaign will ship.


2. Helps increase the CTR of notifications by optimizing the time to hit.


3. Makes messages less intrusive by helping loyalty.



Although the 'Best Moment' shipment may be the best option, we also have other options to adapt to all kinds of needs:


  • Immediate dispatch: If the notification is very sensitive and needs to reach users as soon as possible, for example, for the latest news from a media outlet.
  • Scheduled delivery: If you want the notification to reach all users on the same day and at the same time, for example, a reminder of the start of an event
  • Best moment: If you want each user to receive the campaign on the day indicated in their best local time
  • Automatic: If the notification must arrive when an event occurs: when a user is new (welcome), when a device has not entered the application for a while (loyalty), when a mobile device enters or leaves a specified area (geofencing), when a mobile device is connected to a WiFi network or not or when the device emits the indicated event (retargeting)

Don't miss the opportunity to be present at the perfect moment for each of your clients!



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