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Posted by indigitall on Nov 4, 2020 1:20:35 PM


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Do you know all the benefits of push notifications for your app? They are a fundamental tool to ensure that users who have already downloaded your app use it more often and, above all, do not end up deleting it from their mobile devices. Because, let's not kid ourselves: developing apps for business is not too complicated. The really difficult thing is for these apps not ending up falling into oblivion.

How we achieve this? At indigitall we have it clear: with push notifications. Because that the main reasons that can lead someone to delete an app from their phone are lack of use and loss of relevance. At the same time, when several days pass without interacting with an application, the devices themselves warn of the little usefulness of that tool. In this sense, push notifications for an app can be of great help, among other, for the following reasons:


Customized messages for each user, based on their tastes, activity or preferences.

Promotions and discounts to encourage the purchase.

Remarketing strategies to recover the user


Data analysis, the key to the success of business apps

It is useless to launch an app on the market if later you do not have the necessary data analysis technology to draw conclusions and make decisions. This is, in fact, what will allow you to get the most out of the push notifications that you design for your app.

You are probably wondering what data is crucial, the data that is essential to collect to correctly reorient your marketing strategy and put your app back in the minds of your customers. Well, some of the fundamentals are the origin of the download, the logins, the visits or the completed purchases, some data to which you will have direct access thanks to the indigitall dashboard.

All this information can be obtained by generating an in-app event mapping, so that we have in our hand a very specific idea of the average user's customer journey. For what? Especially for apps with online sales, to readjust and optimize campaigns and detect which media and channels provide the best results.


Forecasts are on your side

If you are thinking of designing an app for your company, you have made a good decision. According to some forecasts, by 2022, the benefits from apps are expected to grow more than 120%. It is, therefore, foreseeable that the apps have come to stay with us for a long time. That is why it is a good idea to invest in them and in their promotion to increase their profitability.

Contact the indigitall team to find out how our enriched push messages for your app can help you achieve this. Among others, functionalities such as animated images, interaction possibilities, segmentation and geolocation, weekly reports will be useful for your Company.


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