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Posted by Kistine Acha on Dec 18, 2020 1:13:50 PM


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Automated marketing allows you to communicate effectively with your customers instantly. And, in addition to saving time in your shipments, you can collect statistics to know them better and make more appropriate decisions for your business. From configuring the sending of SMS or emails to sending push notifications, web push or voice messages when the user registers. Do you want to discover all the possibilities that artificial intelligence offers you to be successful with your campaigns? From indigitall we want to get you out of doubt.


The appeal of push notifications


We start with push notifications, which will increase the open rate of your messages. Do not forget that the client wants to feel unique and receive offers adapted to their needs. If, in addition, these segmented messages include animated, interactive and geolocated images, much better: you will attract their attention and you will place yourself above your competition.


Keep in mind that loyalty will be more powerful if you use an omnichannel strategy; that is, if you retain your potential clients from different places. Bet, then, on the automated app push solution, on in-app messages and on web push. The first of the alternatives facilitates the automatic sending of this type of notices without having to open the application. With the second, you can communicate with Internet users as soon as they access it. In this way, your user experience will be more satisfactory and you will feel more motivated towards the purchase.

Finally, with web push notifications, you can send push messages to users who visit your page from their mobile or computer, as long as they have agreed to receive them in advance.

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The most popular communication channel in the world


With all the solutions mentioned you will enhance interest in your brand. And, of course, you will also do it if you use the most used communication channel on the planet in your automated responses. We talk about WhatsApp.


Well, the use of WhatsApp Business API will allow an immediate answer to a large percentage of the questions that the client asks via WhatsApp at any time of the day. And it is that the system will identify which are the frequent doubts about the products or services of the company. Of course, in the event that the integrated chatbot does not satisfy the user, they will be able to connect with a human agent.


Using this functionality saves the waiting days that a question via email would entail, thus speeding up the purchase or the resolution of problems. This speed improves the experience of the potential buyer, who receives an immediate response that can be accompanied by images or videos. Another advantage is that costs are saved, as company employees can dedicate their time to other tasks of interest.


With automated marketing, you will retain your customers through personalization in the treatment and information provided, either with push notifications or with daily, weekly or monthly shipments of forms or links, among other solutions. At indigitall we provide features like these, so do not hesitate to contact us to automate your processes and increase your conversions.


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