Vivid push notifications & how they improve conversion data

Posted by indigitall on Sep 22, 2020 2:40:34 PM

Sciencedirect World´s leading source of for scientific, technical research, have been published the study of Vividness of news push notifications and users´ response.

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We are very proud that the prestigious sciencedirect journal has published this study coordinated by Dr. Diana Gavilan (Doctorate in Economics and Business Sciences UCM), where we have participated.


"The world-renowned journal Sciencedirect publishes a study endorsing the use of push notifications with images"


The conclusions of this study support that image push notifications are one of the most relevant means of communication between brands, especially the media with end users or readers.

Through this study, they analyse the role of vivid push notifications in improving click-through rates. And what are the necessary elements that a push notification must have so that the CTR rate improves in an extraordinary way.

One of the main elements that make push notifications successful is image utilization. By now we all know that the use of images is an essential characteristic in the use of advertising. For this reason, through indigitall you can not only send high quality images, but you can go further using several images in the shipment notifications or animated Gif´s.


imagen notification


To test this proposal, Gavilan, D. & Martinez- Navarro, G use a random sample of 770 news push notifications for mainstream media through indigitall platform. This data were analysed and the results obtained from the testing support the positive use of push notifications especially in the media sector, as they help to understand the nature of the news, as well as the better understanding of it.

More information about the study 

According to this study, apart from the image, another of the key elements for sending push notifications to work is the relationship between the head of the news and the image. It is important that there is a match between these two elements.


To achieve this objective, the indigitall platform and the multiple functionalities that it offers will help to optimize the sending of the campaigns to the maximum. We are specialized in offers services aimed at improving communication between the company and customers using animated images. This encourages the receiver to visualize the messages and to want more information about what we are communicating.


In conclusion, the study supports that when we advertise, the phrase that a picture is worth a thousand words gains value. Choosing the right one, through indigitall platform will allow us to communicate our message in a direct, clear, and concise way. In addition, it gives us great flexibility when it comes to being creative, with graphics and illustrations capable of drawing the attention of a large part of the public in a second


From indigitall that is not all, because we also use other pillars to achieve success. We personalize the campaigns based on the target audience and use artificial intelligence techniques to ensure the success of the campaign. In addition, we offer a complete statistical analysis service to check the scope of shipments.




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