What is automated marketing?

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Automated marketing is one of indigitall's specialties. If you want to know what the functionalities of this discipline are, we invite you to discover everything you need to know about it.


What does it consist of?

Automated marketing is based on a series of tools that aim to convert a person who visits your page into a loyal customer. To achieve this goal, it relies on:

· A platform programmed to send messages that are not considered spam.

· An application to generate forms.

· The quality assessment and segmentation of the generated leads.

· CRM integration.

· The personalization of content and workflows.

· The tracking of website visitors.

· The ROI calculation.

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Advantages of its use

They are diverse, but could be summarized in the following list of factors that always offer a positive result:

· Increase conversion rates.

· Generate engagement. Your business cannot be limited to selling products occasionally to a client, it must transmit a certain philosophy and become the favorite of those who trusted your proposal.

· Have an executive dashboard. The idea is to have an effective control panel to know what happens in your company at all times.

· Have messages that encourage you to enter your website. They can be geolocated, animated, segmented and interactive.

· Evaluate the reports generated by artificial intelligence tests. Thus, you will only invest in the campaign that will provide you with the most benefits.

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