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If there is an application on our mobile that we use several times every day, apart from the well-known social networks, it is WhatsApp. It has become the perfect channel to communicate with our friends and family, but also with our clients. Haven't you tried it in your company yet?

By creating a chatbot on WhatsApp you will be able to establish direct contact with your customers in a very practical and easy way. Its operation is very simple, so if you have not implemented it yet, do not stop trying. From indigitall we want to give you all the details today so that taking the step will be easier for you.


Bot characteristics

First of all, we will briefly talk about bots and their enormous potential as a marketing tool. These are characterized for being software that have the ability to simulate that they are people, so that they can interact with users when they make a query.

With what purpose? Through its algorithms, the aim is to provide the customer with a friendly experience that, ultimately, ends up leading them to purchase. And it does this by following these premises:

- Keywords: if you wonder how a computer program is able to interpret the doubts of a user, the answer is simple, it does so through keywords! These are previously defined and are used to determine what the response should be, also predefined, ideal in each circumstance.

- Direct and adapted language: we not only speak of a close tone, which generates trust in users, but also of a language capable of adapting to the one used by the user or the one they expect to receive from our company.

- Artificial intelligence: this is the basis of the functioning of WhatsApp chatbots, the engineering behind this technology and which, in addition, is constantly evolving and improving.

How to implement a chatbot on WhatsApp?

The options for its creation are endless, but we have to tell you that the way to do it will depend, to a large extent, on the size of the company. It will not be the same to do it in the case of a freelancer, than to implement it for an SME or for a large company.

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We tell you the differences:

- Self-employed or small companies: they usually prefer simple chatbots, which allow them to upload their catalogue and answer frequently asked questions.

- Medium companies: what they are looking for is, mainly, to be able to integrate their CRM into the program. In many cases, even a customized design is sought.

- Large companies: practically essential in this case is to carry out custom developments, unless the creation of a chatbot is aimed at internal use or a specific objective.

Whatever the size of your company, you can count on indigitall to implement the solution that helps you improve communication with your customers.

Its use will provide you with the best results, which you can consult in a weekly dashboard. In short, it will allow you to take advantage of all the advantages of artificial intelligence to increase your profitability.

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