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We present you WhatsApp Business API, a perfect channel for your company to connect easily and quickly with customers. Who does not know WhatsApp anywhere in the world? Currently we are around 1.6 billion people from more than 180 countries who use this application regularly to talk to family and friends.


At indigitall we help you configure your WhatsApp Business API


WhatsApp has become one of the most important messaging applications in the world. And now it is the turn of WhatsApp Business API, a platform where customers can interact with companies in the same way that they did with their friends and family with the original application.


In indigitall we bet on this new way of establishing contact with the client, we accompany you throughout the integration and registration process, you will not need your technical team thanks to the WhatsApp Business API and our personalized chatbot you will optimize the resources of your call centre, downloading work and minimizing expenses. Although to ensure customer satisfaction, the possibility of speaking with an agent will always be available, referring unsolved cases to the call centre.


What advantages does WhatsApp Business API offer you?


If you choose this alternative these are the most important benefits:


Stronger customer relationships


With the large number of social networks that already exist or means such as email that are overcrowded, the last thing the customer wants is to add another form of communication to the list. Therefore, using one of your favourite channels is key to transmitting the message you need. In this way, companies can occupy a different place in the lives of their customers, something unthinkable until recently.


If you use WhatsApp as a means of communication, you must create a unique business profile. This will allow you to provide various details of the company: email, phone number, website, social networks, etc. As official WhatsApp business Api integrators we incorporate your brand identity in the creation of the service from the first moment.

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Availability 24 hours/7 days a week and customization of the message


Through WhatsApp, companies and customers can interact directly and immediately at any time. Today they are looking for authentic and immediate conversations. The indigitall chatbot understands natural language and builds conversations based on that language, always geared towards solving customer questions or problems, sending personalized messages based on CRM ERP responses. Always with the aim of fostering a long-term relationship.


Reduce costs


The technology of the indigitall platform allows call centre agents to attend from 4 to 6 conversations in parallel, this allows a very important optimization in customer service costs and greater operational efficiency


Messages and interactive communication


The app has a wide number of interactive features, you can send text responses but you can also include emoji, images, videos, audios, always with the aim of solving users' doubts. It is not allowed to use the WhatsApp Business API tool for advertising, marketing or promotional messages, since the service is aimed at improving customer service and thus fostering trust between brand and customer.


A safe means


These commercial profiles are exclusive to each company, and are only formalized after WhatsApp has thoroughly verified their commercial accounts. On the other hand, with end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA), both you and your clients will be protected.


This implies that users will seldom come across fake accounts, fraud cases or misleading advertising. No one else will have the possibility to use your company name to communicate with your customers.Contact us and we will send you a proposal that will not envolve any commitment 


Global scope


You no longer need to use a different communication channel to interact with clients from different parts of the world. With this platform for universal use, companies do not have to think twice about their communication strategies or adapt them to different means or ways of addressing the user. Messages can be adapted to any language and time.



Through WhatsApp Business API you can enjoy countless possibilities to reach your audience and generate an innovative experience for your customers. Indigitall creates your customized service in 7 days. Write us at or give us call at +1 (213) 336-4050


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