Why improving your landing is good for Adwords

Posted by indigitall on Feb 17, 2020 12:42:13 PM

In google adwords quality score is one of the main characteristic and we explain you why.

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Many Google Adwords customers base their campaign optimization solely on keywords, ads, bids and their settings by device, day of the week, etc. All these aspects of optimization are essential without a doubt, but we must not forget that the landing page directly affects the Quality Score.

The Qualtiy Score or Adwords quality ratio will affect the position of your ads and how much you pay for each click (CPC). This ratio is affected by three elements, one of which we will analyse in greater detail in this article:

  • The expected CTR (Clicks / Impressions): Of all the times the ad has been shown, how many have been clicked on it.
  • The Relevance of your ads: That your ad is logical for search words and is also a reflection of what users will see on the landing page.
  • The landing page experience: If users stay to see your content, if it is relevant to what they were looking for and if the navigation is intuitive, they are definitely the elements that Google will value from your landing page.

Below we analyse how these aspects are valued, how to know if you have to make improvements to your landing page and what elements are crucial.

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Google will value the experience of your website (Landing Page Experience) considering a series of qualitative metrics, such as how long users stay on the page, how they interact or the Bounce Rate. You can see all these metrics in Google Analytics and if you have it connected to your Google Adwords you can also see it there.

I guess the next question you have in mind is, and how do I know if the user experience on my landing page is good? You can see it at the keyword level with a metric that is “Landing Page Experience”, where the possible status are:

  • Above average
  • Mean
  • Lower than average

"Above average" and "Mean" means that there are no major problems to solve on your landing page. "Below average" means you have to make improvements to the landing pages used in those keywords

How do I optimize my landing page so that the user experience is good? This is achieved with a good usability of the web, content relevant to the keywords / ads linked to that page and a clear and concise call to action (CTA).

1- Usage: A good landing page is easy to navigate, fast, with links to other sections of the web that are relevant and with a clear CTA (call to action) that is your “macro” conversion. There may be other secondary CTAs, but the principal must have more prominence. First of all it is important that you do not take your users to a dead end, that is, to a page from which they cannot do any other action (such as filling out a form, calling or buying).

2- Relevance: It is important to have relevant content for users who have found your ad through their searches and that it is displayed intuitively. The keywords should be included in the title and in the text itself and be as specific as possible. For example, if you have an online fashion store and one of your ad groups is "men's shirts", a relevant page would be one that only contains men's shirts, categorized by style, with a title that includes "shirts" and “man". If there were more clothes it would not be so relevant.

The structure of each page is different, here are two examples of pages with a title, a CTA (in orange) and content structure easy to digest:

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The same page can have very good results with a keyword for being more relevant in those searches and yet not work for others. Sometimes the work is twofold:

  • Choose the best landing page for your keywords
  • Optimize the pages that need to improve usability and relevance

Now you just have to find out which pages you have to improve to increase the quality of your Adwords account and your conversions!

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